Part of my journey to “Fabulous” and to “Celebrating Me” is totally spiritual.  I won’t go into the long story about how my faith and beliefs have landed where they are, just know that they exist and this is a very important part of my life.  In honoring and celebrating myself I am committed to truly focusing on developing and nurturing this aspect of my life, among others. 

The other night I tuned into a coaching call put on by one of my fabulous mentors.  It was about releasing control.  I had to laugh.  I had about three various incidents happen that day that indicated that maybe this was my issue.  Maybe I was trying to “make things happen” too much which was exactly why I was not getting what I wanted in the end.  Sure enough, Ericka’s defition of someone who is “control-challenged” certainly aligned with behaviors and attitudes I have experienced and was at that time.

So, I am letting it go and really seeking God’s guidance in all that I do.  I view it as me being the work of art and God creating through me.  I am the medium and am simply to be malleable in His hands, each day living with Him “pushing” me around if you will.  If I can just get this down in my spirit…phew! what freedom for me!  This has certainly been an area I have struggled with over my lifetime!

Today as I was running errands I was pondering control, considering how I am choosing to approach things differently–from a place of God directing me.  Within a moment of that thought crossing my mind I look over at the bumper sticker of some mini-van to read the following, “Just Relax!  Smile…God is in Control.”   It did make me smile.  I took a deep breath and got excited about what He has in store for me.  You know when the creator of the Universe is in control of your life it’s got to be good.  I know the messes I have had I have made for myself by trying to make things happen. 

Seeing that bumper sticker was affirmation to me that He is watching, he is in control.  I am happy to be the puppet in His holy hands.  Let’s just see how being dialed in to the greatest artist and creator of all time molds me into an even more fabulous work of art.


So, I logged in to see what people have posted about what they want to make happen in 2010 to find that post had not been posted. OMG–it was sitting in drafts….helloooo, Lesley! Clueless much!? 

Good thing that being fabulous means being imperfect at times, and that I can laugh at myself. 

Here’s to a more focused 2010~!


Hello and Happy New Year!

If you are anything like me you are sitting around wondering where in the heck these last few weeks went. Wow, what a whirlwind! But, here we are at the end of 2009 with the birth of 2010 upon us. An email from a friend today closed with, “Make 2010 what you want it to be.” That was powerful to me and I share it with you hoping you will consider that for yourself. What do you want YOUR 2010 to be? What do you need to do to make it happen? Do you want to be and live fabulously!? I am in and on this journey with you, don’t settle for anything less than fabulous.

As I have shared in recent eZine’s I have gone through some shifts in the last couple of months and have slowed myself down in some areas of life. I have also been giving attention to areas where completion needs to happen so I may powerfully live to my fullest potential and desire(s) in 2010. For me my new year is actually starting in February. I have things to still wrap up in January to truly put 2009 to bed. It doesn’t mean I won’t be moving ahead with certain goals but it will be with baby steps. I shared with you in the last eZine that I have signed up for a 6 month course with an amazing mentor to take my business to the next level. I have since decided to also do some personal training to get my physical body in the shape I desire.

Share with me what you want your 2010 to be by posting on my blog: We can all encourage each other. Here’s to a 2010 that’s Fabulous and beyond!

Much Love,


Hello Fabulous!! 

Ten days out from 2010.  What are you or I, or anyone doing to take control of their life and destiny to ensure that next year isn’t just different but better?  That’s the key.  A few months ago a friend of mind posed that to me as we were talking, catching our language to ensure we were speaking in terms that would cause that which we want versus don’t want.  So, it’s one thing to say, “things will be different next year at this time,” and completely different to say, “things will be better next year at this time.”  Get it?  Things could be different next year but not necessarily better.  The power of specificity rears it’s head once again.

What I am realizing is that as much as I needed a break from certain practices, jobs, roles etc.  in my life I am now at a new place where it’s not only time to return to some of those but to also enroll my own posse of support “personnel” if you will.  What this means is that I am signing up for a few mentor-type programs.  I need the accountability.  If Iam truly to be the ambassador of all things fabulous and to follow through on that which I am called to do I cannot do it alone.  That means that I need the support of fabulous followers first and foremost (thank you for being that and for turning your friends on to Only Fabulous Living).  It also means I need to take my own personal growth and development to the next level which once again requires coaches and mentors.  I am ready. I am admittedly nervous too because this means letting go of my current comfort zone, accepting the areas which I need to change and knowing it will not always be easy–in fact it’s guaranteed to be uncomfortable.   But, there’s no other option in my mind because I do want next year to be better, not just “different”.

I have signed up for a six month course with one of the most powerful mentors I know which is guaranteed to rock my world and bring amazing things forth which will only bless you on your journey to fabulousness.  I am also signing up for a personal trainer.  Yeah, I know exactly what to do in the gym, in fact I could put most people through a grueling workout regimine and guide them in how to get fit, but I am at a place in my own physical world where I desire some changes and to take it to a whole new level.  I need additional support.  I am going to get it because I don’t want 12 months to go by where I am still feeling that I am just not getting where I want to go.

I hope you stop and take some time to really decide what needs to shift for you.  Please let me know how I can help guide you.  If you are at a total loss contact me and we’ll do a “Fabulous Inventory Session” over the phone where we determine what is next for you to conquer as you become your most fabulous self.

Here’s to your fabulous life!

Much love,


So, in this last month I completed my first 1/2 marathon, lost a toe nail in the process(also a first), ended a 9 month relationship, and started a new job.  I also took stock of the fact that this time last year was the first time I had ever visited Boston.  Now I live here.  I have had a lot of change happen this last year when I reflect on it. 

It’s great to now be one year in to my “new” life and evaluate it from the perspective of, “Am I where I thought I would be?  Am I where I want to be?”  I can say I am not either.  I am very content with where I am considering where I came from–unemployed, moving cross country etc. and I definitely want to be in Boston still.  It’s time to regroup though and work to add the pieces to my life that are missing.  More involvement with the arts would be one of them and a continued effort in transforming my career.

In the absence of my boyfriend it gives me a chance to really focus on myself and rounding out my life as I want to live it.  What a gift.


Ok, so part of my journey to Fabulous has been about discovering my passion and purpose.  Part of this is reconciling how said passion and purpose fits into to one’s career.  It’s true that one can be true to one’s purpose in a variety of careers or jobs.  I have had a hard time reconciling this actually.  I feel I am to make a difference and that has always seemed like it had to be BIG…HUGE…LARGER THAN LIFE.  As my coaches, mentors and father have shared it’s not always like that.  It’s really about being who you are to be in any job or circumstance. 

I admit I am stubborn in many ways and this is one area where it’s taken a while to grasp the concept. Not sure I have fully but I can tell you that I am being humbled and coming along more and more.  I embard on a new “job” tomorrow.   I will be working retail sales at Nordstrom.  Who would have “thunk” it!?  My first “real” job out of college was in their corporate offices in Seattle.  I made more money there starting out 12 years ago than I am now.  Ooooh, do you know what this is doing to my ego on some levels?  REALLY challenging it, that’s what.  Overall, I am not concerned.  I am excited about my opportunity to work in fashion again and keep myself in the loop to share with our Fabulous Community. Plus I am working for the “King of Retail”–the best of the best.  This certainly aligns with my life motto of “I only do Fabulous.” 

This IS fabulous because I am doing what I need to do for me.  I need some structure right now.  I need to have something that forces me to get out of the house.  As much as I am a social creature I am a fan of sitting at home and writing.  The reality is that one of my talents is being WITH people.  So, I need to create scenarios in which this is fostered.  To many they would think I am insane.  Remember, that it’s never any of our business what others think of us.  Always strive to do what’s right for you to support where you are right now as well as to support where you want to be.  This is fabulous living.

Here’s to YOUR fabulous life!

Much love,


You did everything right.  You made your list of 4-6 most important things to do before you went to bed. You got to bed on time.  You wake up on time, you follow your morning routine just as you planned out and just as you know supports you best in having your most fabulous day.  You are doing awesome!  AND THEN….it happens.  “It” could be anything from the dog vomitting on your shoe or Persian rug to your computer crashing before it even gets started for the day, or your ex-boyfriend sending you a note which only rubs it in that you are alone.  Better yet, maybe all three have happened. 

What’s your response? Do you bag the whole day, take yourself for a mid-morning cocktail (mimosas and screwdrivers go with breakfast, remember!?), or the closest spa?  Drive your car over the nearest river bank?  It’s SO tempting to throw in the proverbial towel with notion that the day is blown, miserable and worthless so why not just hunker down with a chosen avoidance tactic and wait for the new day to dawn.

I have had one of those days today.  Two of the three above listed examples happened to me, among other frustrations.  I found that I had to dig deep into my inner resolve and determination to move my fabulous life forward in a fabulous way.  Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have the mid-afternoon chocolate chip cookie (thanks to my girlfriend for showing up with that when I really need it!) and that I didn’t have my own little temper tantrum in the car while driving in circles looking for parking prior to my morning appointment.  But, I didn’t write the day off and hide under the covers or drive to the country to clear my head.  I was able to hold to my greater commitment which is to myself and my future, push through and do what I needed to do.  It maybe didn’t look exactly as I originally planned but I still got the job done.

I challenge you to really dig deep when you have one of those days where it’s “all wrong” and you just hide away.  Remember that song, “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”  Well, in my world they do but they don’t let that crying keep them from doing all that is fabulous for themselves.  It takes a strong constitution at times but you will be so glad when you develop this resolve within yourself.

Phew…glad the day is almost done though and I can look forward to starting fresh tomorrow!

TGIAF (Thank God it’s ALMOST Friday)!


A,B,C People


Part of the process of taking your life to a Fabulous level is to evaluate the people you spend your time with.  It has been said that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with.  I am sure you have noticed from time to time that when you leave a certain friend, family member, or co-worker that you leave either feeling really positive or really negative and down.

One of the tools I have used from time to time in my journey is the process of categorizing the people I am spending time with into A,B, and C lists.  I list all the people who are taking my time whether it be by phone or in person.  I then evaluate each person and decide if they hold the values and qualities of which I am striving to attain in my life.  If they are then they get assigned to the A-List.  These are people I will give one-on-one time to and who I might even seek out to spend additional time with.  B-List people are positive enough but aren’t necessarily contributing to my life on a significant level.  The B-Listers are people I will see on occasion–every few months or who I will “group” with other A or B-Listers as well as with other tasks I might need to get done–exercise or errands etc.  C-Listers are people I have decided to move to the outer perimeter of my life, communicating less and less with them and only seeing them in group settings or a few times a year.  These people are typically “energy drainers” and bring me down versus lift me up.  These people can also be those whose lives or practices just don’t match up with what I want to create in my life.

Here’s an example of what I am talking about in action.  I have a close friend on the West Coast who when I lived there was definitely an A-List person, she was starting to become more of a B-List person and when I moved across country simply by the nature of distance she stayed at that level.  Needing to feel connected with a friend the other night I got her on the phone.  Whoa–I was blown away at how negative she was coming across in the first part of our conversation.  I was seeking ways I could get off the phone-fast!  Then the conversation shifted and it was better but while I was listening to her rant I was working to tune out what she was saying so I would not be as affected by the negative vibe, while making  a mental note that she now needs to be a C-List person.

This does not mean that I do not love her as a person and as a friend, it’s just that I am shifting who I am “being” therefore require a certain type of person to be in my space.  Over the years I have learned just how sensitive I am to negativity.  In general I think it’s safe to say most people prefer a positive person to a negative, but I have found it deeply effects me and I can hardly be around “doom and gloom” energy for long at all.

It is necessary to evaluate your circle of influence from time to time, especially as you are preparing to raise yourself to your next level of Fabulous.  Taking this practice to the next level you would want to look at your calendar and schedule time with your A-List people and look at who you might need to change plans with now that you have identified your A,B and C people.

I challenge you to take an inventory of the people in your world and begin to shift who you give your time to.  As you create space by shifting people from one level to another you create space for new fabulous people to enter your life who will support your new position on the path to fabulous.

Here’s to YOUR fabulous life!


Alright…so,I was evaluating my life against my own Fabulous Factor measuring stick with the launch of my website,, last month.  I set out to create and live a 21 day program called Fast Track to Fabulous.  This was based on the premise that I already knew what to do but really just had not fully committed to doing it.  This is so frustrating and what keeps so many of us from truly living to our potential, would you agree?

I was thrilled and SO excited as I embarked on my journey, ready for a new depth of Fabulous tranformation.  Well, I hit a wall about 11 or 12 days into it.  I realize now the power this work has.  All kinds of “stuff” was “coming up” for me.  Sure, I had no problem revamping my makeup and hairstyle–easy.  But, all of a sudden I was having to take a hard look at my relationship and some of my own personal sabateurs.  In that process I shut down a bit on my 21 day process.  I dealt with the relationship–I no longer have a boyfriend.  This is ok because the relationship did not align with what I want for my life long term which is marriage.  Still sad, but I am free to continue my pursuit of fabulousness because I am no longer wondering about that relationship and if it fits or not.  Next….

I allowed myself to get a bit more caught up in the emotion of the relationship transition and it halted many of my Fabulous pursuits. So, I am back to the drawing board now.  I am picking up my 21 Day Fast Track Program and ready to really live it and am better prepared to coach my clients through it now that I have encountered some of my own road blocks.

Here’s to a Fresh Fabulous Start!


Phew!  I just completed the task of transferring my blog posts from Blogger to my lovely new WordPress site.  Thanks for stopping by!  If you didn’t catch the post on the old site you’ll want to check out my website for the new ebook version of “Project Love Note” which began on my blog.  Next is a published book to help raise funds to fight Domestic Violece and Verbal Abuse.  Woo Hoo!

Stay tuned because as you know Only Fabulous Living officially launched on Sept. 22, 2009.  Lots has been in the works these last couple weeks and you will be updated in my eZine, coming out this week.  Be sure to hit the site and sign up for your Love Notes from Your Fairy Godmother. Just what every woman needs to give her spirit a boost each day.  Men, you might subscribe to learn more about the fun ways to encourage the special woman in your life.  Yes, we need (and deserve) to be encouraged EVERYday.