New Blog, Fresh Start, One Day Closer to Fabulous


Alright…so,I was evaluating my life against my own Fabulous Factor measuring stick with the launch of my website,, last month.  I set out to create and live a 21 day program called Fast Track to Fabulous.  This was based on the premise that I already knew what to do but really just had not fully committed to doing it.  This is so frustrating and what keeps so many of us from truly living to our potential, would you agree?

I was thrilled and SO excited as I embarked on my journey, ready for a new depth of Fabulous tranformation.  Well, I hit a wall about 11 or 12 days into it.  I realize now the power this work has.  All kinds of “stuff” was “coming up” for me.  Sure, I had no problem revamping my makeup and hairstyle–easy.  But, all of a sudden I was having to take a hard look at my relationship and some of my own personal sabateurs.  In that process I shut down a bit on my 21 day process.  I dealt with the relationship–I no longer have a boyfriend.  This is ok because the relationship did not align with what I want for my life long term which is marriage.  Still sad, but I am free to continue my pursuit of fabulousness because I am no longer wondering about that relationship and if it fits or not.  Next….

I allowed myself to get a bit more caught up in the emotion of the relationship transition and it halted many of my Fabulous pursuits. So, I am back to the drawing board now.  I am picking up my 21 Day Fast Track Program and ready to really live it and am better prepared to coach my clients through it now that I have encountered some of my own road blocks.

Here’s to a Fresh Fabulous Start!


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