Digging Deep, Committed to Fabulousness!


You did everything right.  You made your list of 4-6 most important things to do before you went to bed. You got to bed on time.  You wake up on time, you follow your morning routine just as you planned out and just as you know supports you best in having your most fabulous day.  You are doing awesome!  AND THEN….it happens.  “It” could be anything from the dog vomitting on your shoe or Persian rug to your computer crashing before it even gets started for the day, or your ex-boyfriend sending you a note which only rubs it in that you are alone.  Better yet, maybe all three have happened. 

What’s your response? Do you bag the whole day, take yourself for a mid-morning cocktail (mimosas and screwdrivers go with breakfast, remember!?), or the closest spa?  Drive your car over the nearest river bank?  It’s SO tempting to throw in the proverbial towel with notion that the day is blown, miserable and worthless so why not just hunker down with a chosen avoidance tactic and wait for the new day to dawn.

I have had one of those days today.  Two of the three above listed examples happened to me, among other frustrations.  I found that I had to dig deep into my inner resolve and determination to move my fabulous life forward in a fabulous way.  Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have the mid-afternoon chocolate chip cookie (thanks to my girlfriend for showing up with that when I really need it!) and that I didn’t have my own little temper tantrum in the car while driving in circles looking for parking prior to my morning appointment.  But, I didn’t write the day off and hide under the covers or drive to the country to clear my head.  I was able to hold to my greater commitment which is to myself and my future, push through and do what I needed to do.  It maybe didn’t look exactly as I originally planned but I still got the job done.

I challenge you to really dig deep when you have one of those days where it’s “all wrong” and you just hide away.  Remember that song, “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”  Well, in my world they do but they don’t let that crying keep them from doing all that is fabulous for themselves.  It takes a strong constitution at times but you will be so glad when you develop this resolve within yourself.

Phew…glad the day is almost done though and I can look forward to starting fresh tomorrow!

TGIAF (Thank God it’s ALMOST Friday)!


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