Who would have “thunk” it!? Is this Fabulous or insanity!?


Ok, so part of my journey to Fabulous has been about discovering my passion and purpose.  Part of this is reconciling how said passion and purpose fits into to one’s career.  It’s true that one can be true to one’s purpose in a variety of careers or jobs.  I have had a hard time reconciling this actually.  I feel I am to make a difference and that has always seemed like it had to be BIG…HUGE…LARGER THAN LIFE.  As my coaches, mentors and father have shared it’s not always like that.  It’s really about being who you are to be in any job or circumstance. 

I admit I am stubborn in many ways and this is one area where it’s taken a while to grasp the concept. Not sure I have fully but I can tell you that I am being humbled and coming along more and more.  I embard on a new “job” tomorrow.   I will be working retail sales at Nordstrom.  Who would have “thunk” it!?  My first “real” job out of college was in their corporate offices in Seattle.  I made more money there starting out 12 years ago than I am now.  Ooooh, do you know what this is doing to my ego on some levels?  REALLY challenging it, that’s what.  Overall, I am not concerned.  I am excited about my opportunity to work in fashion again and keep myself in the loop to share with our Fabulous Community. Plus I am working for the “King of Retail”–the best of the best.  This certainly aligns with my life motto of “I only do Fabulous.” 

This IS fabulous because I am doing what I need to do for me.  I need some structure right now.  I need to have something that forces me to get out of the house.  As much as I am a social creature I am a fan of sitting at home and writing.  The reality is that one of my talents is being WITH people.  So, I need to create scenarios in which this is fostered.  To many they would think I am insane.  Remember, that it’s never any of our business what others think of us.  Always strive to do what’s right for you to support where you are right now as well as to support where you want to be.  This is fabulous living.

Here’s to YOUR fabulous life!

Much love,


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