This Last Month, This Last Year


So, in this last month I completed my first 1/2 marathon, lost a toe nail in the process(also a first), ended a 9 month relationship, and started a new job.  I also took stock of the fact that this time last year was the first time I had ever visited Boston.  Now I live here.  I have had a lot of change happen this last year when I reflect on it. 

It’s great to now be one year in to my “new” life and evaluate it from the perspective of, “Am I where I thought I would be?  Am I where I want to be?”  I can say I am not either.  I am very content with where I am considering where I came from–unemployed, moving cross country etc. and I definitely want to be in Boston still.  It’s time to regroup though and work to add the pieces to my life that are missing.  More involvement with the arts would be one of them and a continued effort in transforming my career.

In the absence of my boyfriend it gives me a chance to really focus on myself and rounding out my life as I want to live it.  What a gift.


2 Responses to “This Last Month, This Last Year”

  1. 1 Holly McGee

    As someone who has been a part of your life for about 12-15 years now, I can honestly say that you inspire me. I don’t think I would ever have the courage (and yes courage is the correct word) to move from one coast of this huge country to the other without a job, a place to live, a support system in the new city. But yet, our Fabulous Lesley Lane did just that. You have come a long way Baby and just keep becoming more fabulous every day. Even though we go for weeks and sometimes months without talking, because as we all know life often gets in everyone’s way, I truly count you as one of my closest and best friends. We are so comfortable with each other that we just pick up where we last left off and hit the mall running!

    I love you dearly. Keep on “only doing fabulous.” Oh, and come home to visit every once in a while – we miss you!!!!

    • Hello Fabulous Holly! You are such a dear friend as well and I appreciate your sweet words. As much as I just “do what I do” I don’t have the perspective of an “outsider” of course and can lose sight of where I am headed sometimes…other than from one city to the next apparently! Done with that now! (although, never say never!) And to be literal we certainly have run through some malls together. Ha! I have a budding handbag obsession to nurture so we may have to make bags our next mission when together. Love you tons!!

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