What’s next? We all need accountability!


Hello Fabulous!! 

Ten days out from 2010.  What are you or I, or anyone doing to take control of their life and destiny to ensure that next year isn’t just different but better?  That’s the key.  A few months ago a friend of mind posed that to me as we were talking, catching our language to ensure we were speaking in terms that would cause that which we want versus don’t want.  So, it’s one thing to say, “things will be different next year at this time,” and completely different to say, “things will be better next year at this time.”  Get it?  Things could be different next year but not necessarily better.  The power of specificity rears it’s head once again.

What I am realizing is that as much as I needed a break from certain practices, jobs, roles etc.  in my life I am now at a new place where it’s not only time to return to some of those but to also enroll my own posse of support “personnel” if you will.  What this means is that I am signing up for a few mentor-type programs.  I need the accountability.  If Iam truly to be the ambassador of all things fabulous and to follow through on that which I am called to do I cannot do it alone.  That means that I need the support of fabulous followers first and foremost (thank you for being that and for turning your friends on to Only Fabulous Living).  It also means I need to take my own personal growth and development to the next level which once again requires coaches and mentors.  I am ready. I am admittedly nervous too because this means letting go of my current comfort zone, accepting the areas which I need to change and knowing it will not always be easy–in fact it’s guaranteed to be uncomfortable.   But, there’s no other option in my mind because I do want next year to be better, not just “different”.

I have signed up for a six month course with one of the most powerful mentors I know which is guaranteed to rock my world and bring amazing things forth which will only bless you on your journey to fabulousness.  I am also signing up for a personal trainer.  Yeah, I know exactly what to do in the gym, in fact I could put most people through a grueling workout regimine and guide them in how to get fit, but I am at a place in my own physical world where I desire some changes and to take it to a whole new level.  I need additional support.  I am going to get it because I don’t want 12 months to go by where I am still feeling that I am just not getting where I want to go.

I hope you stop and take some time to really decide what needs to shift for you.  Please let me know how I can help guide you.  If you are at a total loss contact me and we’ll do a “Fabulous Inventory Session” over the phone where we determine what is next for you to conquer as you become your most fabulous self.

Here’s to your fabulous life!

Much love,


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