Dialed In–Paying Attention and Me as God’s Artwork


Part of my journey to “Fabulous” and to “Celebrating Me” is totally spiritual.  I won’t go into the long story about how my faith and beliefs have landed where they are, just know that they exist and this is a very important part of my life.  In honoring and celebrating myself I am committed to truly focusing on developing and nurturing this aspect of my life, among others. 

The other night I tuned into a coaching call put on by one of my fabulous mentors.  It was about releasing control.  I had to laugh.  I had about three various incidents happen that day that indicated that maybe this was my issue.  Maybe I was trying to “make things happen” too much which was exactly why I was not getting what I wanted in the end.  Sure enough, Ericka’s defition of someone who is “control-challenged” certainly aligned with behaviors and attitudes I have experienced and was at that time.

So, I am letting it go and really seeking God’s guidance in all that I do.  I view it as me being the work of art and God creating through me.  I am the medium and am simply to be malleable in His hands, each day living with Him “pushing” me around if you will.  If I can just get this down in my spirit…phew! what freedom for me!  This has certainly been an area I have struggled with over my lifetime!

Today as I was running errands I was pondering control, considering how I am choosing to approach things differently–from a place of God directing me.  Within a moment of that thought crossing my mind I look over at the bumper sticker of some mini-van to read the following, “Just Relax!  Smile…God is in Control.”   It did make me smile.  I took a deep breath and got excited about what He has in store for me.  You know when the creator of the Universe is in control of your life it’s got to be good.  I know the messes I have had I have made for myself by trying to make things happen. 

Seeing that bumper sticker was affirmation to me that He is watching, he is in control.  I am happy to be the puppet in His holy hands.  Let’s just see how being dialed in to the greatest artist and creator of all time molds me into an even more fabulous work of art.

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